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commutator manufacturers in DC motors?

An important part of the armature of DC motors and AC commutated motors, it plays a role in commutation when the motor rotates. It is a component used as a current commutator in DC motors and AC series motors to make the motor continue to rotate, commonly known as commutators.

commutator manufacturer introduces the material characteristics of the commutator.

1. Chassis: high rigidity FC-25 cast iron;

2, gear: high purity alloy steel 50CrMnT tempering, carburizing, tempering, grinding and processing;

3, spindle: using a high purity alloy steel 40Cr tempering technology processing, with high suspension China heavy load problem capacity;

4. Bearing: equipped with roller bearing with heavy load capacity;

5, oil seal: the use of imported double lip oil seal, with high dust, anti-leakage ability.

Commutator manufacturers introduce what is the role of the commutator

commutator structure mainly has hook type, groove type, plane type and other different specifications. Refined from imported raw materials, product performance has reached the international advanced level, widely used in power tools, household appliances, automobiles, motorcycle motors and other fields; collector rings, carbon brush holders, wiring boards have a variety of specifications and models.

used in Chinese cars as generators, gasoline generators and other fields. The commutator plays a rectifying role, and its role is to make the current in the armature winding develop and change alternately to ensure that the direction of the electromagnetic torque of the system remains unchanged.

In the generator, the commutator can make the AC working potential in the system components can be changed into the DC potential between the brushes; in the motor, it can make the DC current we applied in the electronic components become AC, resulting in a constant level of torque.

Commutator manufacturers introduce what is the role of commutator in DC motors

1) The commutator acts as a ballast, and the alternating current in the electrical control winding is rectified into direct current and output simultaneously at both ends of the positive and negative brushes.

2) The commutator plays the role of inverter, that is, the direct current in the circuit outside the brush can be inverted to use alternating current through the electronic commutator and output to an electrical lead-out component.

Commutator manufacturers introduce the role of commutator in electric vehicle motors

we can see on the electric car motor, its rotor is equipped with a conductive ring composed of many copper sheets. It is connected to an external power source through a pair of brushes. We call it a commutator, which plays a certain role in the electric vehicle motor.

1. The current before and after the commutation of the electric vehicle motor is equal and opposite.

2. The commutation of the motor for electric new energy vehicles is to turn the current induced in the armature control winding into alternating current. Through the mechanical design of the point brush and the commutator, the current flowing into the external circuit is direct current.

3. The commutation of the motor in electric vehicles can reduce sparks by improving the working environment conditions of the commutator.

4. The floating pre-drive circuits of electric vehicle motors are independent of each other and are powered by independent power sources. Therefore, when they are commutated, our electric vehicle motors will separately make control signals and their respective pre-drives.

The surface of the electric vehicle motor should be smooth, but there should be a dark brown cuprous oxide protective layer, which can increase the contact resistance between the brush and the commutator, reduce the short-circuit current under the brush, and play a protective role.

Created on:2023-04-27 10:12